All submissions to the Journal are blind-reviewed. At least two specialists, in addition to the editor, will read and evaluate each submission. Normally authors may expect to hear from the editor about the suitability of their submissions for publication in the Journal within two to three months. The publisher holds the copyright of the articles published in the Journal. All submissions should be sent to: Dr. Huang, Yong, Department of Philosophy, the Chinese University of Hong Kong; email:; tel: (852) 394-39678; fax: (852) 2603-5323.

We encourage electronic submission through e-mail attachments. Submissions of hard copies should be accompanied by a disk copy saved in Word format. Manuscripts should be double-spaced throughout, in the main text and in the apparatus, using normal fonts, and, in general, should not exceed 30 pages, excluding bibliography. The journal adopts the Chicago Manual of Style (14th edition), using author-date system with a bibliography at the end. Explanatory footnotes rather than endnotes are adopted. Use Hanyu pingyin for proper names of Chinese persons, places, publishers, etc., followed by their original Chinese characters. Special Chinese philosophical terms, as well as the titles of Chinese publications, should be translated into English, followed by their original Chinese characters. For details, refer to the Style Sheet (PDF) .

Proofs will be sent to authors, and should be corrected and returned to the our publisher promptly. Major alterations to the text cannot be accepted at that time.

Book Reviews

The Journal publishes quality reviews of books in both Chinese and Western (primarily English) languages, in the area of Chinese and comparative philosophy (all reviews are published in English). We appreciate your recommendations ofimportant books recently published in this area that deserve to be reviewed. If you have published your own book and would like to have it considered for review in our journal, please have your publisher send a free copy to our book review editor. If you are willing to review books for our journal, please contact our respective book review editors. Let us know if you have a specific book to review or want to review any book we receive.

All books published in Chinese should be sent and all matters pertaining to reviews of such books should be directed to: Li, Yong, Department of Philosophy, Wuhan University, 299 Bayi Road, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China 430072; E-mail:; all books published in English should be sent and all matters related to reviews of such books should be directed to: Xiao, Yang, Department of Philosophy, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio 43022-9623; E-mail:

Notes to Book Review Authors

  1. At the top of the book review, the information of the book being reviewed should be provided in such an order: "Last Name, First Name [of the author of the book], Title of the Book [being reviewed], City: Publisher, Year, (xx+) xxx pages."
  2. The normal limit of length of a book review is between 1500 and 2000 words.
  3. Authors should follow the style of Dao (see the style sheet in PDF), with the exception that no footnotes and reference list are used in book reviews. Particularly, (a) please provide Chinese characters (traditional instead of simplified ones) for names of Chinese persons, places, and publishers, titles of Chinese publications, as well as special philosophical terms; (b) Use Hanyu Pinyin as Romanization system, except in quotations, which shall follow whatever Romanization system is used; (c) Citations of and/or references to the book reviewed shall be parenthetically inserted in the main text with page number only. References to other sources should be parenthetically inserted in the text with the complete information.
  4. A review author should try to strike a balance, in the review, between the overview of the contents of the book and the evaluation of its merits and/or demerits. Praises and criticisms should be made objectively with textual support.
  5. Unsolicited submissions of reviews are considered but not guaranteed for publication. Pre-arranged reviews are normally published, provided that the review authors are willing to make revisions if suggested by our book review editors.
  6. As the journal is a continuing publication, reviews are normally published in the order of their final acceptance. However, our review editors do have their deadlines of September 1st, December 1st, March 1st, and June 1st for the respective forthcoming issues of the journal.

Style Sheet

You can obtain the Style Sheet (8 pages) here, in PDF.


Our publisher, Springer, requires that every author of an accepted article or book review fill out two forms.

  1. The Copyright Transfer Statement. You will be asked to sign this form, electronically, at the stage of typesetting, directly by our publisher.
  2. Manuscript Transmittal Form. When your submission is accepted for publication, you are asked to sign this form. Please provide the relevant information in the fields marked with "x" only. This information is used for the publisher to contact you at the proofreading stage and to send you the offprints of your contribution as well as the complete issue of the journal in which your contribution appears. The form can be downloaded at the following link:
    Manuscript Transmittal Form (Word document)
After you complete the form, please e-mail it through attachment to the Editor (email), NOT the publisher, of this journal.

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