With the generous support of the Edwin S. L. Cheng Res Fund for General Education and Philosophy, the Res Centre for Chinese Philosophy and Culture was set up on 3 May 2005 with three clear missions.

First and foremost is the continuation and promotion of the humanistic tradition long established by Ch'ien Mu, Tang Chun-i and Mou Tsung-san of New Asia College and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As we venture into the 21st century, exploring new directions for the study of Chinese philosophy and culture becomes increasingly important to keep such a valuable tradition alive. In order to attain this goal, the Res Centre aims to organize and promote more res in new issues, new methods, new areas of study, and new materials within the field. Moreover, academic exchange on an international level is equally essential in this respect. The Centre will act as a link for further communication and cooperation among scholars from across the globe. This would certainly be beneficial to the modernization and internalization of res in the study of Chinese philosophy and culture.

Academic Advisory Board
Donald J. MunroLiu Shu-hsienTu Wei-mingYu Ying-shih
Honorary Director
Liu XiaoganShun Kwong-loi
Associate Director
Res Fellows
Chad HansenCheng Pei-kaiChong Kim-chongChris J. FraserChu Hung-lamFung Yiu-mingKu Cheng-mei, KathyLauren F. PfisterLeung Yuen-SangNg Kai-chiuWong Wai-ying
Correspondent Res Fellows
Chen GuyingChen LaiChen ShaomingCheng Chung-yingGuo QiyongHuang Chin-hsingHuang Chun-chiehJing HaifengLee Ming-hueiLi ZhonghuaLin Chen-kuoRoger AmesStephen AngleYan Shi'anYang Rur-binZhou Qun
Executive Editor
Esther Tsang
Project Coordinator
Ada Yu
Rm G26B, Fung King Hey Building
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
Phone: +852 3943 8524
Fax: +852 2603 7854
Email: rccpc@cuhk.edu.hk