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Position : Assistant Professor
Qualifications : B.Econ (Renmin); M.Phil (Peking); Ph.D (Michigan)
Contact Details:
Room: 424, Fung King Hey Building
Tel. No: 39437156
Email:   leizhong
Brief Biography

I have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Renmin University of China, a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Peking University, and a PhD degree in Philosophy from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I wrote my dissertation on metaethics under the supervision of Peter Railton, while also being influenced by Allan Gibbard and Stephen Darwall. I joined the Department of Philosophy of CUHK in January 2014.

My main areas of interest are moral philosophy, philosophy of mind, political philosophy, and epistemology. I have published on a wide range of philosophical issues, including moral knowledge, mental causation, moral motivation, and distributive justice.

When not doing philosophy, I enjoy reading traditional Chinese literature, watching movies, playing Ping Pong, and shooting billiards. 

Research Interests

1. Moral Philosophy

2. Philosophy of Mind

3. Political Philosophy

4. Epistemology

Selected Publications Page 1 Of 1
1. “Why the Counterfactualist Should Still Worry about Downward Causation,” Erkenntnis (Springer), forthcoming.
2. “Review of Robert Audi’s Moral Perception,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy (Taylor & Francis), forthcoming.
3. “Psychopathy, Emotion, and Moral Judgment,” Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology (Johns Hopkins University Press), forthcoming.
4. "Internalism, Emotionism, and the Psychopathy Challenge," Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology (Johns Hopkins University Press), forthcoming.
5. “Toward a Demystification of Egalitarianism,” Philosophical Forum (Wiley-Blackwell), co-authored with Yingying Tang, 44(2): 149-163, 2013.
6. “An Explanatory Challenge to Moral Reductionism,” Theoria (Wiley-Blackwell), 78(4): 309-325, 2012.
7. “Counterfactuals, Regularity and the Autonomy Approach,” Analysis (Oxford University Press), 72(1): 75-85, 2012. With a response from Jonas Christensen and Jesper Kallestrup in the same volume.
8. “Can Counterfactuals Solve the Exclusion Problem?” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (Wiley-Blackwell), 83(1): 129-147, 2011.
9. “A Unificationist Vindication of Moral Explanation,” Philosophical Forum (Wiley-Blackwell), 42(2): 131-146, 2011
10. “Moral Explanation and Moral Knowledge,” in G. Cheng and N. Xia (eds.), Pluralism: Analytic Philosophy (Shanghai Joint Publishing), 261-282, 2010.
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